Get Lucky!

This weekend, I completed my first 7k, which is officially the longest distance I’ve ever run. It was the Get Lucky 7k in Minneapolis and it was an absolute blast!

The day started out with preparations of the green variety. I pulled my hair into a pony tail using a green hair binder with a shamrock on it and sprayed it bright green. Then, I dressed, wearing my “I’m not Irish, but…Kiss me I’m cute” shirt. Then came the green headband with green tinsel and pigtails attached and the green and gold beaded necklace. I was ready to be feisty and fast!

I’m so lucky in that I met up with a friend and her sister for the festivities. We took pictures before the race and decided we would run together. One of us slow (me!), one of us running her first race and one of us a half-marathoner.

Let me tell you, they really pushed me into running faster than I ever would have on my own and therefore helped me hit my fastest miles yet. We finished the race in 48:56, giving us an average of 11:15 miles. Woo hoo!

This race was the first time I had actually run with someone and it sure made the time fly by faster than even the best play list on my iPod would have. We chatted and laughed, which is something I never thought would be possible while running. There were a few moments where my body wanted to slow down or walk, but I was determined to keep going and keep up with my running partners.

The Get Lucky may have to be an annual tradition because I sure love any excuse I can find to dress up and act goofy. I loved it!

I’m not 1/4 done with my New Year’s resolution of completing one running event per month for the year. My next event is a 5k on April 9th and the goal will be to shave time off of the last 5k. I’m still in awe that I think running is fun…I used to think of it as pure, unnecessary torture.

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