Your Community Education Programs

Zumba! Cardio Kickboxing! Bootcamp! Yoga! Volleyball!

The above are just a few classes I’ve taken through my local Community Ed. What I love about these programs is they give me a chance to try something new without commitment. No expensive gym membership required! Most of the classes offered are “drop-in” classes, where people can show up whenever it fits into their schedule and pay a small fee on that night (typically $5-8). However, many offer punch cards at a slight discount if you buy 10 sessions at once. Oh, and you don’t typically need to live in a certain community to attend their community ed classes.

This is such a great way to add variety to a routine to avoid getting bored and to keep working different muscles. Some may choose to attend once and use moves from various classes in their personal routines at home or at the gym. Others may find they love a specific class so much, it becomes a regular part of the routine. Still others may attend a new class on occasion to move past a plateau or rutt. It’s also a great way to meet other people interested in fitness!

If you need to pump a little life into your fitness routine, I suggest taking a look at your local community ed. You may discover a new passion or meet some new friends!

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