Freedom is Visiting the Scale Less

Yes, you read that correctly. Freedomg is visiting the scale less. It’s hard to do, but it’s possible, I promise.
After a nine month plateau where I literally saw only the same 5 lbs. fluctuating on the scale, I was frustrated and ready to give up. I tried everything including switching my workout routine, eating more, eating less, eating exercise calories and not eating them, drowning myself in water, watching sodium intake, etc. None of it worked! I was weighing myself obsessively (2 times a day or more!) trying to figure out what the problem was. Had it not been for my friends on MFP, who I would miss chatting with, I would have disappeared off the radar.

In an act of desperation, I decided to go back to Weight Watchers for something different. They rolled out their new plan in November, where fruits and veggies were now zero “Points” and they were encouraged. I figured I’d give it a try for a few weeks and if it didn’t work, it didn’t work. Nothing to lose (except pounds!).
What do you know? It worked. From the first weigh-in, I told myself I would not be allowed to weigh myself more than two times per WEEK at home. I’ve been with Weight Watchers eight weeks now and am down 8 lbs. What a relief.

Even though I believe in the Weight Watchers program, because it has worked for me in the past and is working for me now, I think the real magic is in having better balanced meals and weighing less often. When counting calories, I know I had a tendency to just look at the calories only. It didn’t matter if I was eating ice cream, fruit or Cheerios, as long as it fit in my calories. The WW Points system takes into consideration the protein, fat, carbs and fiber, which is what is beneficial to me.

However, even more than the change in food balance, I think the stress obsessively weighing was hindering my progress. Now that I only check my own weight twice per week, I don’t obsess about it and don’t think about it. It’s forcing me to think more about how my jeans feel, how I felt on a run or seeing definition in my biceps.

Those most helpful think I learned from my LONG plateau is to “Step Away from the Scale!” Seriously, your mind and body will thank you and reward you!

P.S. I know people have their opinions about WW, but if you have a negative viewpoint on it, please keep it to yourself. I understand that it doesn’t work for everyone, but it works for me. I truly believe that each person knows what works best for them and they have to go with it. I wish everyone the best on their weight loss and fitness goals!

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