Seeing Progress Again

Today starts my fourth week of Weight Watchers and I’m seeing progress again on the scale after being stuck since March! It’s renewed my motivation and I’m so glad I didn’t give up this journey. Trust me, there were several times that had it not been for my MFP friends and weight loss sisters, I would have given up. I don’t like to admit that I would have given up, but it’s true.

I’ve lost all of the holiday gain plus a little bit and this morning’s at-home, morning weight sans clothing was the lowest I’ve seen yet at 183.8! Exciting! Of course, I’m only counting my official Weight Watchers weekly weigh-ins on my ticker right now, but it’s nice to know something good is happening again.

It’s time to pick up momentum and work on those fitness goals! Being sick with a cold this weekend threw a loop in my plans to start training again for 5ks, but I’m jumping back on the exercise wagon starting tonight. 2011 is all about self-improvement and being the healthiest, fittest person I can be.

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