Weight Watchers Restarted

I realize that I’ve posted several “plans of attack” throughout my weight loss journey so far and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m still working the trial and error part of finding what works for me. As you may know, I’ve been stick in a pleateau since March and it’s getting frustrating. My friends here on MFP have kept me from throwing in the towel, but I figured it was time to start something different to hopefully get things moving in the right direction again.

I basically took the time from Thanksgiving to Christmas off from really watching what I ate. For most of that time, I still tracked my food, but I just needed a break. Unfortunately that enjoyment came with several pounds.

Yesterday, I restarted Weight Watchers to see if it would shake things up. I was a Weight Watchers member in 2006, where I lost 12 lbs in 9 weeks. It was awesome! However, I quit because I moved and there were no convenient centers. Yes, it’s a terrible excuse and it caused me to gain it all back over the next year, plus some. Now, I’m still at a lower weight than I was when I left in 2006, so that’s at least something.

Even though I had eaten the majority of my food for the day prior to going to my meeting, I still went back and tracked what I had eaten and even had to use some of my weekly extra points. It’s a good thing, however, that I’ve started eating a lot more fruits and veggies since most are now 0 points on the new plan. Yay!

I know everyone has their opinions about Weight Watchers, but I know it works for me and I need to see progress again to keep my motivation. Heck, the little “Bravo” stickers I got yesterday for declaring my 2011 goal (non-scale goal, mind you!) were a little bit motivating. I don’t even care that it’s a little bit elementary. Yep, I even like the round of applause you get at meetings for meeting goals!

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