A New Plan of Attack

As you may know, I’ve recently expressed my frustration at the whole weight loss journey and the fact that I’ve been stuck in a rut (plateau!) for quite some time now. After reading Jackie Warner’s “This is Why You’re Fat” book, I decided to try her jumpstart plan in which you add foods to the things you’re already eating.

The plan includes adding 2 eggs, 1 cup of oatmeal, 3 servings of veggies, 2 servings of fruit, 3 liters of lemon water and whey protein daily to what you’re already eating. As you can guess, adding all of those things leaves less room for the junk.

I started the plan on Monday, December 6th and so far, I’ve only had the oatmeal once and haven’t had the eggs. I’ve grown up hating the smell of cooking eggs, so therefore I didn’t eat the stuff. I did give them a try on Sunday and although I didn’t hate them, I didn’t love them either. It will take some getting used to. The oatmeal was the same way, since I’d never eaten it before and the texture gets to me.

Anyway, I’ve decided I’m going to focus on the eating first. I know last week I said I was going to focus on the exercising but I’ve come to realize that the food is the root cause. I love food…who doesn’t? I especially love ice cream, which is a major problem.

I’m still going to be as active as I can, but I’m not going to stress over getting my workouts done. If I can get the eating under control, the rest will come; I’m sure of this. Most of the time, I like working out but the junk food I’m eating has made me lazy. I also find that I eat the junk with the intention of working out (“I’ll burn at least 300 calories tonight”). Of course, I eat the junk and then don’t fit the workout in. Enter the list of excuses here.

So, this is my course of action of the next few weeks, and beyond if it takes longer to get the food under control. To be honest, though, after eating more fruits and veggies throughout the week, I had more energy last night than I’ve had in a long time. I actually stayed awake past 10pm. The clean eating phenomenon suddenly makes even more sense. I realize it will take me a while to get it down and control the cravings, but I think it’s important, so I’ll do it.

Goal weight, I’ll see you 2011!

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