Inches Lost

As many of my MFP (My Fitness Pals) friends know, I’ve been very down and frustrated this week because I’m stressed about constantly logging calories, trying to exercise enough to eat what I want, etc. and not seeing any results. Add these things to the fact that I’ve been teetering between 184-188 lbs. since March and I’m bummed.

I decided to take a step back from logging so obsessively and am attempting to get on my scale less. The stress of my weight loss journey is likely causing my body to hold onto weight and I need to figure something out. Now is a good time to relax a little because the six week weight loss challenge I’ve been on is done. Obviously, I didn’t win anything but it did force me to take a look at how far I’ve come since starting this journey just over a year ago.

As the title of this blog says, I’ve lost inches. The scale hasn’t moved, but my body has apparently reshaped itself.

Since August 2009, I’ve lost:

Bust    1.50 inches
Waist  7.50 inches!
Hips   3.0 inches
Thigh 1.70 inches
Bicep  0.50 inches

Total: 14.2 inches from my body overall!

Going forward, I need to remember not to be so hard on myself. Things are happening, whether it seems like they are or not. Not only have I lost 14.2 inches and 33 lbs. since starting this weight loss journey, I’ve increased my BMR.

Now, it’s time for me to make a plan to get me though the next 33 lbs of my weight loss journey without feeling like I have to throw the scale through a wall.

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