Angry at the Scale!

This woman perfectly displays how I felt.

It happened for the first time this morning. I was so angry at the scale, I wanted to throw it out the window.

 What happened to create these feelings? I worked hard all week with exercising, staying within my calories enough to have a good deficit and drinking more than enough water and the scale “rewarded” me by showing a 0.6 lb weight gain.

Trust me, I’m no stranger to gaining weight from week to week. I’ve had fluctuations of 5 lbs from one day to the next at times, but this one angered me more than any others because I really had my heart set on seeing a 185 on the scale; my Labor Day goal.

After letting my anger fester for a few hours, I tried to talk myself down with the usual reasoning. Too much sodium, sore muscles, etc. It was when I got up from my desk to walk to the fax machine that I realized my size 10 jeans, which I just bought last week, felt looser. They aren’t snug around my waist.

I’ve calmed down and come to the conclusion that I must be losing inches instead of pounds again. For me, I only see decreases in one of them at a time. So, it looks like it’s time to take measurements again…and remind myself to breathe and let it go!

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