A Successful Weekend

For probably the first time since starting my weight loss journey in November 2009, I had a successful weekend in regards to weight loss. For the first time, I didn’t over eat and go crazy, thinking “I’ll behave again on Monday.” Instead, I thought, “I’ll behave all weekend because it makes Monday easier.”

The very best part of the weekend? I didn’t deprive myself of anything I wanted, but simply counted all of my calories BEFORE I ate it; especially when it came to ice cream. Sure, the sodium was still higher than during the week, but even that wasn’t higher than a typical weekend and I know the 1.2 lbs gained over the weekend will be gone by tomorrow. It’s all water-weight due to the sodium, so no freaking out here!

It’s also been easier this morning to fall back into my routine because I won’t feel like I’m starving, the way I do after two or three days of eating whatever I want. Who knew behaving on the weekends would be LESS stressful than doing whatever I want to? It’s a nice change and one I’m hoping I’ll be able to continue going forward.

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