What Will it Take?

What will it take for me to realize that I am no longer a size 14 in pants or an XL in shirts? Yes, I know that I’ve lost just over 30 pounds and yes, I know that I can now fit into smaller clothes. But when will I stop wearing the old, baggy clothes that look terrible on me and replace them with fashionable, well-fitting clothes?

Quite a while ago, I purchased a shirt on clearance for $1 at Steve & Barry’s when they were going out of business. I figured for $1, I would buy a “goal shirt” as something to work toward. When I took the shirt home that night and tried it on, I couldn’t even get it on all the way, so I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.

Fast forward to last night, when I pulled the lovely “goal shirt” out of the dresser drawer and tried it on. Surprise! It fit beautifully and the saying on the front, “It’s not my fault I’m AWESOME” has become even more appropriate than it was when I bought the shirt. It sums everything up. I am awesome.

This brings me to today. I pulled on a pair of my favorite size 14 jeans and wore them to work. Within an hour, I realized they are baggy and look terrible on me. I have jeans of the same brand in both 14s and 12s but continue to wear the 14s. I need to give them up once and for all but the familiarity of being the same size for many years brings emotional attachment. Will giving them up change me? Probably not because the change happened before needing to give up the jeans.

So, the question remains. What is it that will finally convince me I’m no longer the same size I was 30 pounds ago? The answer has yet to be determined.

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