My “Short” Pants

A while back, my sister gave me a pair of her size 12 Molly flair jeans from Maurice’s. At the time she gave them to me, I couldn’t quite fit into them but held on to them for the future.

Last week, I wore the the jeans for the first time in public and thought of them as my “short” pants. I typically wear long length jeans but my sister always wears average length. I was convinced these jeans looked and felt too short, but when you forget to do laundry, you run out of options.

A friend said they looked good and that they were actually the perfect length because they covered the heel of my boot without dragging in the mud. Then, I went to the boyfriend’s house and he couldn’t keep his hands off of my rump, saying the jeans looked awesome. Whether the jeans actually looked awesome or whethey they just looked better than the size 14s that are extremely bagging and falling off of me, is up for debate.

Regardless, I’ve added my “short” pants to my regular wardrobe.

All of the above brings me to another point. Wearing clothing the right size is the key to adding self esteem and confidence! I can’t stop checking myself out in the mirror while wearing my “short” pants!

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