A Weekend Plan

One of my “weight loss sisters” challenged me to behave this weekend. There seems to be a common trend of doing a great job staying within daily calorie goals and exercising during the week, only to backtrack on the weekends by having cheat meals or even cheat days and being somewhat lazy. I know I repeatedly have this problem.

Sometime in the past two months, I lost my motivation. I made it to my half-way point for my final goal and felt somewhat content with my progress. In my mind, it was time to reward myself by indulging a bit more and taking it easier with the workouts. I’m sure you can guess what happened. I gained back about five pounds and bounced those same pounds around for a while.

Fast forward to last week, when I saw 198.4 on the scale for the first time since March, when I saw it briefly one morning. Now that I’ve seen movement on the scale again, I’ve found my motivation again which brings me to the weekend challenge. Yes, I mean challenge because there are a few events this weekend that will test my willpower; that being said, here is my plan. I’m posting it here in hopes that it will make me more accountable to sticking to it.

Thursday (today): My meals are planned for the day with a little leeway for snacks should I get hungry this evening after volunteering. I plan on doing a boxing video after volunteering.
Friday: I will plan my meals for the day in the morning and be sure to stick to it. For exercise, will with ride my horse and run or play tennis.

Saturday: Will go running or horseback riding in the morning. My challenge will be to really watch my eating at the birthday party will be attending in the evening. The hosts are fans of Leinenkugel beer and so am I! Beware!

Sunday: Walking, running or workout DVD in the morning. My challenge will be to watch the eating during the potluck lunch at the barn where I board my horse. After the potluck, I will be horseback riding with others from the barn.

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