Women Don’t Hike?

It absolutely amazes me than many of the places that carry inexpensive hiking boots do not carry them for women. Walmart and Target, for example, carry hiking boots for men but do not have a single pair for women. It makes me wonder if there is really such a small number of women who hike and spend time outdoors that these stores can’t justify carrying these items.

These don't count as hiking boots!

I was lucky enough to find a sale on an inexpensive pair of waterproof hiking boots at a sporting goods store, but they cost double what my boyfriend’s waterproof hiking boots cost at Walmart.

Not only are so many stores not carrying hiking boots, but many of them do not carry various other outdoor apparel for women that they do carry for men. It sounds to me like more women need to get out and enjoy the outdoors or need to let these stores know that we’d like outdoor gear, too!

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