Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went hiking at Afton State Park. We hiked for one hour and forty minutes, which burned a whopping 1126 calories according to my heart rate monitor. The hills were challenging (and there were plenty of them), but we kept at them at a steady pace with breaks as needed. It was amazing to me how many calories I burned doing something that didn’t seem that hard.

Of course, if I rewind my mind to about a month ago, I can recall just how difficult our first attempt at hiking was at Frontenac State Park. True, the trail there was much steeper and contained steps rather than a gravel trail; however, I feel that my fitness level and stamina has increased greatly.

Earlier this year, we decided to get annual state park stickers so we could explore some of our state rather inexpensively. We’ve used the permits several times and recently discovered that the parks offer a hiking club where members hike on their own but log the miles and passwords. There are rewards at various mileage markers, including a plaque showing your accomplishments and free night stays in the campgrounds.

Although it is late in the year, we still plan to join this year and want to spend the rest of the fall hiking and accumulating points. It’s so much easier to exercise when you have a goal and a purpose.
For us hiking is a great way to explore our state, get outdoors, exercise and spend quality time together. We’ve tried biking and other activities but hiking is easier, burns as many calories and we can see so much more, as most of the parks have double the hiking trails as they do biking trails.

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