The Iced Coffee Conundrum

In the heat of the Iced Coffee Conundrum, the events were not funny to my mind. However, in retrospect, it’s somewhat entertaining.

It all started on Thursday, July 23rd when I began feeling the cravings for a delicious iced coffee. Since I was going in to work late due to a vet appointment for my horse, I thought I’d stop for an iced coffee on my way in. On this particular morning, I happened to stop at a local McDonalds for a snack wrap and a caramel iced coffee. Within moments of pulling away from the drive-through window, I knew something was terribly wrong. I could smell the overly sweet caramel, indicating that too much syrup had been used. For verification, I took my first sip and found I was right; the coffee was terrible! Three sips into it confirmed that I could no way finish this beverage.

Jump ahead to Thursday evening. After a practice session with the equestrian team I’m coaching, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to stop in at Super America, as most of their locations now have an iced mocha machine. Upon entering this store, it became apparent that they were one of the few locations that did not have the desired machine.

Disappointed, I drove across the street to Arby’s for a sandwich. I figured they would not have iced coffee, but asked anyway. My suspicions were confirmed and I was talked into purchasing one of their new iced teas. Delicious, yes, but not coffee. Sure, I could have always stopped in at the nearest Caribou or Starbucks, but iced coffee is so much more delicious when the cost is $1 instead of $5.

On Friday, my iced coffee craving subsided slightly and I thought little of it. Then, Saturday rolled around. My boyfriend and I took a drive to pass the afternoon and eventually came upon another Super America store. The front doors advertised that they indeed had the coveted coffee machine. I was yet again denied the opportunity to satisfy my craving, as the store was out of ice! My first thoughts were, “someone hates me!” At this point, I decided that I would no longer hunt for this treasure, as there must be some reason unbeknownst to me that I was coming up short.

Sunday rolled around and although I was not interested in chasing down the iced coffee I was originally craving, I bought a bottled frappuccino in hopes of finally satisfying my iced coffee obsession. Wrong again. The frappuccino was delicious, but not quite right.

This morning, I threw caution into the wind on my way to work and chose to stop at Super America to try again. Yes, they had a working iced coffee machine AND had ice in their soda fountain. My craving is satisfied at last!

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